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Fatima Masooma sa’s shrine by Seyed Hossein Bahraini

#imam_reza #shrine #mashhad

Isfahan / Iran

An Iranian soldier holding his infant child before being sent to the front lines

Ayatollah Mahdavi Kaani (ha), head of the Assembly of Experts (Majlis e Khobargan) who was in Coma for quite some time, opened his eyes as soon as the Flag of the Holy Shrine of Soltan Imam Ali al Redha (as) was put on Him.
Assalamo Alaika Ya Ali ibn Musa Redha! (as)
#ImamRedha #Mashhad #Ayatollah #DivineBlessings #Iran

On the day of her birthday. The shrine of Sayeda Fatima al maasoma, Qum. MashAllah!
Iran - Holy Shrine in Shiraz by karapapa on Flickr.

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Dizi (Traditional Iranian Lamb Chickpea Soup)


O Allah protect our leader ya Rahman ya Rahim 💎

If you need my soul take it

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