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The Blue Arch of a Mosque in Esfahan
Photo and caption by Tandis Khodadadian (Woodland Hills, CA); Photographed April 2013, Esfahan, Iran
Rosery by 1Ehsan on Flickr.

A lone worshiper in a mosque in Isfahan, Iran

در حاشیه آخرین شب عزاداری ایام #فاطمیه (at حسینیه امام خمینی رحمه الله)

Apr. 3, 2014. Iranian women gather at the shrine of the Shiite Saint Imam Abdulazim, in Shahr-e-Ray, south of Tehran, Iran, on the occasion of the death anniversary of Fatima, the daughter of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.   (Ebrahim Noroozi—AP)

مراسم ویژه ایام فاطمیه در حرم حضرت معصومه

Fatemiyeh in Tehran, Iran
Fatemiyeh in Tehran, Iran   (#2)
Fatemiyeh in Tehran, Iran
السلام علیکِ ایتها الصدیقه الشهیده
Ya Fatima-tal-Zahra (Peace Be Upon Her)

I ask Allah to…   

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